Taken yesterday, about 36 hours before a projected mid-March snow storm, a blue bell is beginning to bud.


I don’t know if this is the same plastic flag I found last November, but if it was, if made its way across the wood to the bottom of a small stream.

Either way, it still seemed like an odd thing to find…and I say that with the knowledge that it is not uncommon to find frames of what appear to be kitchen appliances in the same location.

I decided to retrieve the flag from its submersion and stand it tall through a hole in a fallen tree. I felt like I had just planted a flag on the moon…somewhat.



Robyn Hitchcock – Raymond Chandler Evening: Quiet, acoustic Hitchcock.

Hawkwind – Upside Down: Noisy, proggy Hawkwind.

Kustomized – Air Freshener: A rather odd tune from the Mission of Burma drummer that kinda mixes MoB and Joy Division sounds.

The Kinks – Too Much On My Mind: When I saw The Kinks way back around 1989, this was the one tune played at the show I didn’t recognize. I finally happily found it on the Face to Face album.

Tom Waits – Bad as Me: Fun “new” tune after a rather long absence from Tom on the Random Eight.

Frantic Mantis – My Eyes Feel Too Large For The Sockets: And that is kinda what the song sounds like too.

Tomorrow is Already Here – Favorite Son: Good tune from my friend Garret’s first album.

The Replacements – I’ll Be You: The greatest rock band ever.


Birthday lasagna.


I didn’t mean for it to look so creepy.



As Nicole lamented on her blog a few weeks ago, this represents the last of our Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs stash.

F’n Trader Joe’s…


Pictures of Sound – Track 27: From an interesting compilation of the history of recorded noises.

David Bynre – Light Bath: Ambient transitional track on the Catherine Wheel score.

Amon Tobin – In The Dark Intermission: Ambient track from a series of free downloads that used to be available from Tobin’s website.

Smart Went Crazy – Domestic Tension: A faster transition for the Random Eight.

The Fiery Furnaces – Borneo: Always a little odd; always very fun.

Portishead – Roads: Never really a big fan of Portishead, but I got caught up in the hype of their return around 2008 and nabbed good sounding live show with this haunting track.

Mission of Burma – Good Cheer: As always, fun and fast.

Rasputina – Howard Hughes: Only a day after I caught a brief story about Hughes aviation entrepreneurial activities.