Although this blog has been all but abandoned for the past few months, I have still be snapping shots of arthropods. And of course, how could I ignore Rock Flipping Day.

Termites again make an appearance.

As do more traditional ants.

And finally, my best crawling friend, the millipede.


Tom Waits – Time: One of my favorite of his tunes.

Smog – A Guiding Light: Continuing a quiet start to the Random Eight.

Pigface – War Ich Nicht? / Amphetaminemethaamphetamine / Girls Are Cool: Live Pigface makes for wacky song titles.

The Afghan Whigs – Step Into the Light: From the great Gentlemen era.

Mission of Burma – Dust Devil: Still such a strong band.

Radio Thailand – Folk DJ’s Armed With Technology: The ever interesting collection of Thailand radio sounds.

Boredoms – 2008.04.03: Segment from one of Boredoms’ continuous, incredible shows.

Amon Tobin – Wires & Snakes: Ending the Random Eight on a bouncy note.


Dinos Chapman – Smeyes: Eerie little tune.

Arcwelder – Criminal: Louder with a distinctive 90′s Minnesota rock feel.

Beanfield – Planetary Deadlock: A mix between electronic and funk.

Boredoms – Chocolate *ut: Wacky drumming and yelling.

The dB’s – Bad Reputation: Going back to the roots for most of these tunes.

Robyn Hitchcock – The Yip! Song: Fun Hitchcock tune from my favorite era of his solo work.

Bash & Pop – Tiny Pieces: Fun post-Replacements Tommy Stinson band.

Quasi – White Devil’s Dream: Fun, very Lips-like tune.


Been so long, I’m happy to remember my blog password.

Underwater Culprit and the House of Assassins – Sunday Morning Coming Down: Which is funny as I just started having Jason’s tunes play in my head for no apparent reason.

Tobias Picker – Elegy: From a recent Soundgarden visit where I picked up a number of experimental stringed / classical compositions such as this one.

DJ Shadow – Organ Donor: Organ Beat Donor.

Pit Er Pat – Gated Community: Minimal bounciness.

Flaming Lips – Pilot Can At the Queer of God: These wacky old Lips tunes are still my favorite.

Joy Division – Incubation: Blowing the dust off this one.

The Disk Orchestra – Another G4 Production: I picked up this very peculiar album about a month or so; it is 99 songs (I think the “legal” limit that can appear on a CD), most of which are barely a few seconds long, that range from electronic music to strange noises. Together, it flows really well. Randomly, if flows very oddly.

Pixies – Where is My Mind: Good old Pixies.


Taken yesterday, about 36 hours before a projected mid-March snow storm, a blue bell is beginning to bud.


I don’t know if this is the same plastic flag I found last November, but if it was, if made its way across the wood to the bottom of a small stream.

Either way, it still seemed like an odd thing to find…and I say that with the knowledge that it is not uncommon to find frames of what appear to be kitchen appliances in the same location.

I decided to retrieve the flag from its submersion and stand it tall through a hole in a fallen tree. I felt like I had just planted a flag on the moon…somewhat.



Robyn Hitchcock – Raymond Chandler Evening: Quiet, acoustic Hitchcock.

Hawkwind – Upside Down: Noisy, proggy Hawkwind.

Kustomized – Air Freshener: A rather odd tune from the Mission of Burma drummer that kinda mixes MoB and Joy Division sounds.

The Kinks – Too Much On My Mind: When I saw The Kinks way back around 1989, this was the one tune played at the show I didn’t recognize. I finally happily found it on the Face to Face album.

Tom Waits – Bad as Me: Fun “new” tune after a rather long absence from Tom on the Random Eight.

Frantic Mantis – My Eyes Feel Too Large For The Sockets: And that is kinda what the song sounds like too.

Tomorrow is Already Here – Favorite Son: Good tune from my friend Garret’s first album.

The Replacements – I’ll Be You: The greatest rock band ever.


Birthday lasagna.


I didn’t mean for it to look so creepy.